Mindset | How I Would Learn A Language If I Had No Time Or Money

learn business english May 08, 2021

In this blog article, I share how I would learn a language if I didn't have any time or money. 


The First Thing I Would Do

I would invest in some good, cheap, self-study material, particularly coursebooks. I recommend the New International Business English book, or the English for Everyone, Business English Level 2. 

It is best to buy these books and study materials on Amazon or eBay because you can buy them second hand meaning they are even cheaper. Typically you can pick up a second-hand coursebook for as little as $4. 

I would also go online and find myself a reliable speaking partner. I would use social media, forums, and websites to find someone with who I can practice speaking at least once a week, and in these speaking practice sessions, I would put everything I have learned from the books I have purchased into context. 

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The Second Thing I Would Do

I would track where my time is going each day for 7-days. I would then take a look at what activities I am spending my time on, and eliminate any activities or tasks that aren't productive or worthwhile (Netflix and social media should be the first ones!)

I would then replace those unproductive activities with study sessions or speaking practice with my partner. Most people are totally unaware of where their time exactly goes, so by doing this exercise you're gaining a better insight into where your time is truly going. 


The Third Thing I Would Do

I would immerse myself in the language as much as possible. I would find interesting podcasts, radio shows, or videos that I could listen to on my commute or when I am having my meals. 

Doing this is a great way to familiarize yourself with the language and it costs absolutely nothing! You don't need to live in an English-speaking country to listen to English speakers speak and you can do these activities while doing something else, so it doesn't take any 'real-time' at all.


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