Affordable, regular speaking practice with professional teachers.


The We-Speak-Business Story

Andrew and Kris met in 2017.

Both were young, ambitious teachers who were always in search of new and innovative ways to get results for their students. Andrew’s first teaching business was located in Halle, Germany, and Kris’ first teaching business was located in Yekaterinburg, Russia. 

Andrew already had extensive experience in the business English sphere. He had taught employees and teams of some of the world’s leading global companies throughout Europe and SouthEast Asia, such as Siemens, Deutsche Bank, Google, Uber, Microsoft, Dyson, and more. He moved his business online in early 2018 where his clientele broadened.

Over the years Kris and Andrew have worked together on various projects and during that time, they realized that the traditional way of teaching was extremely limiting for both the student and the teacher. These barriers frustrated them so they went in search of a solution. They wanted to create a program that was accessible and flexible to students. They wanted a program that got their students guaranteed results.

And they found it.

Regular, business speaking practice with professional native teachers. 

But their vision for the perfect program didn’t end there. They didn’t just want to help students communicate more clearly, confidently, and professionally at work, they also wanted their program to be affordable. They wanted to provide as many people as they could with the opportunity to have regular speaking practice with professional teachers at an affordable price wherever they wanted, whenever they wanted.

That's when they created WE-SPEAK-BUSINESS UNLIMITED 


In the WE-SPEAK-BUSINESS UNLIMITED program, students can join as many online lessons as they want. They have the chance to express their thoughts and opinions on a diverse range of business topics, meet like-minded students from all over the world, and most importantly, they can get unlimited speaking practice with professional native teachers every single day.

Kris and Andrew firmly believe that in order to achieve happiness and success in both life and in business, there are two activities you must constantly be engaged in: improving yourself (learning), and improving others (teaching). 

You now have the opportunity to work with Andrew and Kris and be a part of something bigger when you join the WE-SPEAK-BUSINESS UNLIMITED program.

We look forward to having you here with us.

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