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vocabulary Oct 02, 2021
Business English Words


Being able to express yourself clearly and accurately in English means knowing your grammar, having great delivery and pronunciation, and most importantly, having enough of the right type of vocabulary.


Most business English learners will spend copious amounts of hours learning words and phrases that they’ll never use again. So your first step in improving your vocabulary in English isn’t to learn more words, but it’s to learn more of the right kind of words - words that we will use in our everyday lives.


Another issue a lot of business English learners have is finding a good system to help them learn and remember new words. There are a few different approaches to this but in our free seminar How To Speak Better Business in 1 Month, I share with you my strategy on how you can build, retain and use new vocabulary you learn. At the end of the seminar, I also give you a template that you can use to help to make the process of learning new vocabulary much easier and much more enjoyable. You can sign up for the free seminar here if you haven’t already watched it: www.we-speak-business.com/free-seminar

But in this blog article, I’m going to share with you 50 of the most important business English words out there. Words that are meaningful and relevant, and words that most, if not all of you will definitely use in your everyday conversations both in and out of the office.


I recommend writing down the words you’re unfamiliar with and aim to learn a certain number of these words over the next week. Don’t try to learn every single word straight away - instead, space them out so you don’t get overwhelmed. Doing it this way will also help you remember and retain the new vocabulary.


Let’s get into it.


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 50 Business English Words

  1. team-player (n)
    He’s an excellent team player as he works very well in any team.

  2. collaborate (v) / collaborative (adj) / collaboration (n)
    An American company collaborated with a Japanese company to build this new product.

  3. coworking / shared workspace (n)
    One of the many advantages of coworking / shared workspace is that by switching up your working environment you become more productive.

  4. start-up (n)
    Most start-ups don’t make any profit in their first year of business.

  5. entrepreneur (n)
    Entrepreneurs are known for their creativity and willingness to embrace risk.

  6. multinational (n)
    Walmart is one of the biggest multinationals in the US.

  7. disruption (n) / disruptive (adj)
    Airbnb, Netflix and Uber are examples of disruptive brands that have created new markets.

  8. gig economy (n)
    In a gig economy, workers enter into formal agreements with on-demand companies to provide services to the company's clients.

  9. budget (n/v)
    The staff budget will be cut next quarter.

  10. diversify (v) diversification (n)
    The company expanded and diversified into computers.

  11. expand (v) / expansion (n)
    They’re planning to expand next year as sales have skyrocketed recently.

  12. freelance (n)
    She decided to go freelance so she could have a bit more freedom and flexibility.

  13. consultant (n) / to consult (v) / consulting (n)
    Consulting can be a very profitable business venture.

  14. skill set (n)
    She had the right skill set so we gave her the job immeditely.

  15. (product) launch (n/v)
    Everyone is always nervous and tense before a new product launch.

  16. revenue (n)
    If the company doesn’t bring in enough revenue, it’ll go bankrupt very soon.

  17. sector (n)
    Salaries in the private sector tend to be higher.

  18. invest (v) / investment (n)
    A great manager always invests in his team.

  19. leadership (n) / lead (v)
    Despite having a challenging team to manage, his leadership skills are second to none.

  20. deadline (n)
    Missing more than three deadlines in a row can cost you your job.

  21. core business (n)
    Lash needs to focus on their
    core business – cruelty-free makeup.

  22.  go into administration (v)
    The firm has
    gone into administration due to its mounting debts.

  23. added value (n)
    We can increase customer satisfaction by focusing on providing added value where possible.

  24. emerging markets (n)
    Emerging markets such as Peru and Vietnam are attractive to traders as they can experience rapid growth.

  25. agenda (n)
    Having a clear
    agenda is essential for every meeting.

  26. sustainability (n) / sustainable (adj)
    High-sustainability is something every organisation should aspire to achieve.

  27. outsource (v) / outsourcing (n) / insourcing (n)
    Outsourcing is an effective way to help reduce the company’s workload.

  28. merger (n) / merge (v)
    merger between these two companies has caused some disputes among some of the senior executives.

  29. takeover (n) / take over (v)
    There’s always a chance of employees losing their jobs when there’s a

  30. crowdfunding (n)
    They raised capital for the new company
    through crowdfunding.

  31. board of directors (n)
    He has
    sat on the board of directors for a good number of years now.

  32. brand awareness (n)
    Creative or indirect marketing is a great way of
    increasing brand awareness.

  33. staff (n)
    They’ve lost 8 members of
    staff this month due to the pandemic.

  34. impact (n)
    The new digital marketing campaign has had a huge
    impact on revenue.

  35. capital (n)
    One of the toughest challenges of any new company is finding the
    capital to fund their business venture.

  36. close a deal (v)
    Experts say that
    closing the deal is the most important part of the sale.

  37. competitor (n) / compete (v) / competition (n)
    competitors have reduced their prices by 9% - we might need to do the same.

  38. conference call (n)
    Firms are moving to
    conference calls as opposed to face-to-face meetings since the pandemic started last year.

  39. creditor (n)
    We must
    pay our creditors by Friday at the latest.

  40. economies of scale (n)
    It’s possible that the new merger may lead to
    economies of scale.

  41. HR / Human Resources (n) / (adj)
    If you have any problems with your pay, you can report it to
    Human Resources.

  42. network (n/v)
    Networking is one of the best ways to find a new job.

  43. project (n)
    project needs to be completed by Monday afternoon. Is it almost ready?

  44. go public (v)
    When Facebook started it
    went public by selling shares on the stock exchange.

  45. shareholder (n)
    Shareholders make their money from dividends when the company is profitable.

  46. stakeholder (n)
    Stakeholders can affect or be affected by the organization's actions, objectives and policies.

  47. digital strategy (n)
    Digital strategy mainly focuses on using technology to improve business performance.

  48. overheads (n)
    Overheads, or reoccurring business expenses that a company has to pay including staff, rent, and more.

  49. balance sheet (n)
    balance sheet is a summary of the financial balances of an individual or organization


So there you have it - 50 of the most important business English words you should know. I hope you found them useful and remember to implement them into your language learning study plan by reviewing and practicing them. You can use a vocabulary template or your own system to do this.


You might be wondering - these words are great but what do we do once we’ve learned all of these words? Where do we go next and how do I continue to build my vocabulary?


In order for you to quickly and effectively build your vocabulary, you’ll need some sort of expert guidance who can introduce and explain to you new words and phrases in English. Joining a business English program where you not only learn new words but get the opportunity to use and practice them with others is your best bet.


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Thank you for taking the time to read this blog article and I hope you got a lot out of it. Feel free to leave a comment with some of the challenges you face when speaking and using English at work. All of our blogs and videos are centered around the real-life problems you have, so if you leave a comment we’ll try to make some content based on that very topic.

To your success!

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