5 Business English Expressions That You Need To Know - Tips and Tricks

vocabulary Mar 27, 2021

In this blog article, I am going to share with you 5 essential business English expressions that you need to know. These expressions are used in companies and offices all around the world, and using them will make you sound more like a native speaker!

#1: Flat out

The expression "flat out" means you are extremely busy. 
Example: "Can we postpone the meeting to next week? I'm flat out tomorrow."


#2: Train of thought (to lose your train of thought)

A series of thoughts and ideas someone is having. To lose your train of thought is when you forget what it was you were talking about. 
Example: "I'm always losing my train of thought in sales meetings. I guess I'm just nervous."


#3: To get back on track

To correct the problems and return to the plan. 
Example: "We really need to get back on track after that long delay."


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#4: To bank on

To bet on something that is likely to happen. 
Example: I'm banking on Jenny bringing in her extra laptop today; I've forgotten mine."


#5: To brush up on

To improve a skill, hobby or talent. 
Example: I need to brush up on my team-building skills if I want to get that promotion." 

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